ABOUT US – Our Bakeries

We have lots of talented people at Cimandis Bakeries, all of them keen to provide the best products and services to our customers and consumers Channel Islands based on a clear understanding of their needs for a great range, great service and availability today and tomorrow.

To us, being one of the Channel Islands leading bakery businesses, with brands that are a key part of a balanced nutritious diet, is a privilege that spurs us on to do even more, even better. As a company whose goal is to "be proud of the way we do business", we deliver only the best!

ABOUT US – Our Brands

At Warry’s and Channel Island Bakeries, our top priorities are our customers - from the largest supermarket or wholesaler  to the smallest independent shopkeeper - and our consumers, whether they're buying for a large family with varying tastes, or just for themselves.

Our Island Supersoft, Island Bake, Breads of the World and Gaudins brands cater for all tastes. We go to great lengths to bake bread and cakes that people love and develop new and healthier recipes that meet their changing needs.


We are experts in making high specification, top-quality breads that exceed the expectations of consumers. We bake breads suitable for sale through various channels.

Buns and Rolls
We make a wide assortment of buns and rolls, which range from burger buns, seeded rolls and morning goods.


We make the freshest  cakes using highly skilled bakers

Outside of our standard product list we will work closely with our customer to develop bespoke products.

Our development team are experts in their field and quick to respond.

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We bake some of the Channel Islands well-known bread and cake brands – Island Supersoft, Island Gold, Breads of the World  and Gaudins- and we are also proud to supply selected retail partners with customer-branded bakery goods.

You'll find us on the shelves of the islands largest and smallest shops, because for us, listening to our customers is what makes us their bakery supplier of choice.

Our approach to new product development takes the same starting point: understanding our customer and what he or she needs. Alongside that, we research consumer benefits, from attitudes and behaviour to the role of bakery at various meal occasions. That way, we know our bright ideas will evolve into exciting and relevant products.

Throughout our bakeries and offices, quality, service and innovation are paramount. Our Sales, Operations and Logistics operations are delivered by people who see Cimandis as a great place to work.

They're proud of what we do, our manufacturing processes, our dedication to developing a superb supply chain, and the way we all work to be even better.

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