Cimandis are Supplier of Choice for Minioti

Cimandis are Supplier of Choice for Minioti

Published 10 June 2016

Minioti is a new local luxurious sugar free ice cream brand, produced right here in Jersey.

As mums to small children, creators of Minioti, Anna & Natasha, decided to take it on themselves to create a healthier option so kids can still enjoy a treat whilst eating a healthy and balanced diet.

They use only the finest ingredients to create the full range of luxury Minioti ice creams. Every drop of milk used, is sourced exclusively from pedigree Jersey cows – the purity of their lineage can be traced back as far as 1763.

Cimandis are proud to be the supplier of choice for this new and exciting local brand. If you are interested in stocking Minioti products then please speak to your Cimandis rep or phone our call centre and we will be happy to give you more info.

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