Cimandis establish the link between local growers and the hospitality industry

Cimandis establish the link between local growers and the hospitality industry

Published 24 May 2012

Martin Jones, head of Cimandis’ produce division, has been working at establishing the link between local growers and the hospitality industry whilst sourcing a diversity of fresh produce not readily obtainable in the Islands.

‘Cimandis currently buy locally-grown produce from Amal-grow, La Chasse, Fauvic and we are working towards meeting up with more local growers on the Island, for example Peter Le Cuot for his award winning tomatoes and Colin Roche for his fantastic watercress, to name but a few. However, you only have to go to places like Covent Garden and the fruit and veg markets in Birmingham to realise that there’s a vast range of exotic produce that ought to be more accessible to the local hospitality industries. Cimandis have recently formed a partnership with Coastline Produce in Dorset, Coastline source a wide range of quality produce from around the UK and from Rungis, an international supplier based on the outskirts of Paris.

‘Rungis is the world’s largest wholesale market for fresh produce, so large, it even has its own train station and highway exit to serve it. Its popularity is down to the fact that only the freshest, highest quality products are accepted for sale from around the world. Coastline transport 70 pallets of produce a week from Rungis, ranging from petit pois to quails eggs to Italian Santana tomatoes to baby leaf salad – picked and packed three hours prior to being collected direct from the grower in Lille. The list is endless.

‘Coastline also have growers less than 30 minutes away supplying parsley, cos, radicchio, oak, flat leaf and large leaf spinach – often cut and packed on the same morning its ordered. Just a few minutes from Coastline are local farmers who will be supplying strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, red currant, white currant, gooseberries, rhubarb and asparagus. Coastline purchase around £12 million per annum in produce, we aim to use the benefit of their purchasing power and pass on those benefits to the Islands’ hospitality industries. Looking forward, there could even be benefits for local growers to export their goods into the UK, ensuring a maximum return for quality local produce.

‘At Cimandis we are very excited by this new partnership and also having the opportunity to work with local growers. We will be able to deliver to the industry exactly what they’re after; quality, wider variety and obviously, competitively-priced produce.  We will have full traceability on all goods supplied. The goods will be stored correctly and delivered correctly, ensuring the chill-chain is secure with the least amount of food miles travelled.’

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