Cimandis Help Holidays For Heroes Jersey

Cimandis Help Holidays For Heroes Jersey

Published 05 August 2014

Holidays for Heroes Jersey has closed the doors to its St.Ouen premises while it searches for a new home.  The charity has had to leave Chateau Plasir following the sale by its owners. The company had let the charity run its shop from the site rent free for two years, enabling them to raise more than £200,000 in the process.

Last month Holidays for Heroes put out a call to any islanders or companies that might have a spare unused barn or shed that could become the groups new shop headquarters.  CImandis, the food division of Sandpiper CI, helped the charity to move their stock to the company storage, where it will be kept for free until a new location is found.

Holidays for Heroes Jersey Co-founder Richard Woodhouse said 'Our priority was to take up Cimandis' kind offer to help us move and store our stock.  We are still searching for premises and will start seriously investigating in the next few weeks.  'Our staff have worked hard to clear the premises and we are considering what to do next'. 'We had a brilliant week of business which has helped to reduce our stock, but you wouldn't have thought it looking at everything we have moved'. 

Cimandis Managing Director Dave Chalk added 'We are always happy to help local charties and organisations, especially one that the Sandpiper group as a whole has had a long-term relationship with'.

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