Round-the-clock restaurant marathon aids the refuge

Round-the-clock restaurant marathon aids the refuge

Published 10 June 2011

Chefs have been cooking through the night for the Guernsey Women’s Refuge.

The 24-hour culinary marathon got under way at 4pm yesterday at Mora restaurant, with five set menus covering different periods during the mammoth session.

Manager Andre Moreria and the head chef Trevor Baines were planning to be there for the full 24 hours, while the rest of the cooks and waiting staff were employed in shifts.

Mr Baines said he normally worked 17- hour days so he was confident he could take on the challenge.

‘I might get a little sleepy at some point,’ Mr Baines said. ‘I am normally caffeine - free person, but I might have some coffee.’

He still plans cook tonight's dinner after the event finishes at 4pm.

Mr Moreira said he had tried to prepare for the event.

‘I have had a good night’s sleep, so I feel ready for it,’ he said.

The menus vary in price from £25 for the 7pm – 11pm dinner menu to £10 for the 11.30pm untiil 5am supper list. It is hoped donations and a silent auction will raise further funds.

The event was the idea of Judy Eldridge, who had been brain storming fund – raising ideas for the Guernsey Women’s Refuge with friend Jacky Sillars. She hoped people enjoying ‘some of the best’ food in Guernsey would then be helping some of the less fortunate.

Up to 350 people could dine thought the 24 hours, but she said they would not know how many people had taken part until it finished. ‘We have been staggered by the support people have given us so far,’ she said. ‘It is a novel idea and everyone wants to help and everyone loves to eat.’

Cimandis supplied the food. J.J. Gallagher, from the company, said Cimandis was happy to help. ‘It is about getting involved and supporting a local charity,’ he said.

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