Sarah Jane Holt, Editor of Street Talk visits Hi-tech Butchery at Cimandis

Sarah Jane Holt, Editor of Street Talk visits Hi-tech Butchery at Cimandis

Published 25 November 2011

Last week I received one of the most unusual invitations that I've ever had. Martina McGibney, Sales Director at Cimandis, invited me to see their new butchery operation behind Traders House at Rue Des Pres.

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With recent food scares it's not unusual to hear more people ask; Is the meat British? Are vegetables locally sourced?More and more people care about the welfare of livestock and the conditions in which they are reared so I was delighted to go and have a peek behind the scenes of this very impressive butchery unit.

Martina told me that the most exciting aspect of the new facility is Cimandis partnership with Brookfield Farm in the West Country. The best quality ingredients have always been readily available here on our doorstep and our main objective, as is Brookfields, is to maintain sustainability, provenance and welfare for animals.

It's important we help educate our future generation of chefs on why sustainability and animal welfare is so important so we aim to create a partnership with our home-grown talented chefs in the industry and at Highlands College.

Behind the scenes

I was very impressed by the bright spacious working environment at the new site and after following strict hygiene protocol (which included wearing a very fetching hat!) I was actually allowed to watch the team of butchers at work.

Colin Carroll, Master Butcher, has been in the industry for over 40 years and has a wealth of accreditations under his belt plus his butchery team all hold food hygiene and meat handling certificates.

Kevin Buckley, the Operations Manager and former chef, explained to me that Cimandis Butchery is purpose-built to meet the HACCP standards of food hygiene. Even the traffic of the meat is controlled via separate channels to ensure that there is no cross-over of outgoing with incoming deliveries.

Compassion in World Farming

Wanting to find out more about Brookfield Farm I contacted Ben Bayer, the principal founder, who told me, Welfare of our animals is paramount, and their wellbeing and contentment is our principal consideration. All of our farms have been audited and approved by the RSPCA through its Freedom Foods organisation. We are also proud to have won an animal welfare award from Compassion in World Farming. Brookfield Farm's veal calves are born in the West Country and carefully reared on straw bedding with unrestricted access to food, barley straw and water. Male calves are an inevitable by-product of the dairy industry and are largely unwanted for conventional beef production. Our calf rearing programme therefore provides a long term and sustainable solution. We strongly believe that the combination of great quality, long term sustainability as well as genuine provenance and welfare is the future. We are therefore delighted to have such a like-minded business as Cimandis as our partner in the Channel Islands.

Any Questions? Here are the people with the answers It was also great to meet the team in the front office  the all important sales team. Cimandis have recently recruited new additions to their very strong sales force who have been trained by the butchers so they can advise what selection of meat is best suited. They have the flexibility to hand select any product a chef desires from a range which along with beef, pork, lamb and chicken includes venison, wild boar, haggis, duck, game, rabbit and much more.

And the GREAT news is that Cimandis Butchery is not just for the trade. Anyone can ring up and place an order with all meat prepared exactly to your specification, even down to carvery-style joints and French trimming on a crown of lamb! Any of the team will be delighted to answer your queries or do pop along to the Cimandis Butchery at Rue Des Pres Trading Estate to find out the full range on offer and discuss with Colin your special dinner party or simple Sunday roast requirements. Before I left I quickly caught up again with Martina who told me, We believe passionately that the success of our business lies in the importance of high ethical standards which we practice at all levels. The quality of our products is at the very heart of everything we do.

I really enjoyed my day with the team at Rue Des Pres, so much so that I'm making a return visit next week  Colin is preparing a matured rib roast, carvery-style, for a dinner party I'm planning! And next week I'll be bringing you news of Cimandis partnership with Highlands.
25 November 2011

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